Our Instructors

At Chung’s Taekwondo, we pride ourselves in offering high quality taekwondo training, so we do not have any junior level instructors or assistants teaching our classes. All our instructors are World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) trained and have attained at least a 4th Dan Black Belt Certificate. Our instructors have over ten years teaching experience and are committed to teaching fun, high energy classes while following the traditions of taekwondo. Our instructors also have CPR and first aid training as well.

Master Chung

Master Chung was born in Daegu City, South Korea (population of 2.5 million), into a legacy of Taekwondo Masters. He began his taekwondo training at a very young age and has continued to train all his life. Master Chung recently attained his 7th Dan Black Belt Certificate and is one of the youngest 7th degree black belt holders as permitted by the World Taekwondo Federation. Before coming to Canada, Master Chung attained a World Taekwondo Federation Instructor’s Certificate and also attained a Physical Education Instructor’s Certificate issued by the Korean Ministry of Sports. As a young adult he worked up the ranks at taekwondo facilities in South Korea. Later, he joined the Taekwondo Team of his hometown Daegu in South Korea, where he competed in many provincial competitions. While he served in the Korean Army, he was a Taekwondo Instructor for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces for two years and taught taekwondo to soldiers who our ranked him. After serving in the armed forces for almost three years, Master Chung looked to Canada to explore new opportunities. He mentored under well established Korean Taekwondo Masters in Ontario. After living in Ontario for ten years, he decided to open his own taekwondo school in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Master Chung has over 19 years teaching experience, with over 10 years teaching experience in Canada. Master Chung lives in Richmond Hill with his wife and young family.