Tae Kwon Do

Junior Classes Ages 4-12

Having fun while learning a new skill is what we are all about at Chung’s Taekwondo. Gone is the old philosophy of instilling fear in order to gain respect. Rather, we adopt a more modern approach to teaching the core values of Taekwondo. How do we do this? Well, we start by teaching the basic skills to build a foundation of agility, balance, and coordination in the form of fun drills and games. The class formats and drills are always changing so that they do not become boring and routine. You will see your child gain self confidence while developing their coordination skills, flexibility and strength. Classes are scheduled by belt level, white belt being the beginner level, yellow to blue stripe is intermediate and blue to black belt is the advanced level. This way your child is learning with students of the same skill level. As your child learns the curriculum, they will advance through the belt levels when they are ready, learning at their own pace. We use Belt Promotional Testing to grade for belt advancement. Each test requires the student to master specific skills, kicking techniques, patterns, as well as demonstrate respect towards others, self discipline and motivation. The promotional belt level testing is goal orientated to motivate students and ensures that they continually learn new skills. Part of our grading system requires input from the parents as well. On the testing form parents have the opportunity to provide input regarding how their child is doing in school and at home, by answering questions such as “Does the child clean his/her room?” “Does he/she complete homework?” and “Does he/she help out at home, clean his/her room?” The reason for this is because we believe that the values taught in taekwondo class should also apply to other areas of our lives and not just in the gym.

Teen and Adult Classes Ages 13 and Up

At Chung’s Taekwondo teens and adults train together so that they may mutually benefit from each other’s unique attributes. Teens can challenge adult opponents with their agility and speed, while adult opponents often have the size advantage. Combining the class creates a unique training dynamic and the results are tremendous for both parties. Not only do students gain in physical strength, flexibility and coordination, but they also leave the class feeling more self confident and with the satisfaction that they accomplished something. The taekwondo curriculum we teach (patterns, kicking, striking, blocking and self defence techniques) follows the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) techniques and standards and is the same as our junior classes. Adults and teens can also participate in the belt promotional testing. So it doesn’t matter how old you are when you start taking taekwondo, you can still work towards earning your black belt.

Family Class

Family Class is a great opportunity to get active with your child. In this unique class parents and student can take class together while learning the same curriculum taught in the Junior and Adult classes. This allows more flexibility for parents’ busy schedules. Rather than trying to run to the gym after chauffeuring your child to their fitness class, you can take class together and save valuable time while having fun working out with your child.

Olympic Class

As members of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Chung’s Taekwondo teaches Olympic Style Martial Arts. That means the same techniques, rules and styles you see in Olympic Taekwondo matches are taught in our club. Our Olympic Class teaches competition sparring to prepare students for tournaments. Master Chung teaches the class, drawing from his own experience as a Professional Taekwondo Player and the many tournaments he has competed in. In this class students learn how to apply footwork, striking, blocking and kicking techniques in offensive and defensive combinations for competition matches. Students benefit in improving their speed, timing, accuracy and coordination. Registration is required to participate in this class.