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Taekwondo is a great way to build confidence, strength and fitness. By learning the basics and working within your abilities you can build a foundation based on proper techniques as you advance. Our curriculum is broken down into parts so that it is easier to learn. Paired with our high energy class drills that are always changing and self-defense techniques, you will not get bored and will want to keep coming to learn more. As members of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Chung’s Taekwondo teaches Olympic Style Martial Arts. The taekwondo curriculum we teach includes patterns, kicking, striking, blocking and self-defense techniques, following the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) standards. Classes are scheduled by belt level, starting at white belt. As you master the curriculum, you will advance through the belt levels through our Belt Promotional Testing System. This system is a goal orientated system to keep you motivate and ensures that you always learning new skills. Each test requires the student to master specific skills, kicking techniques, strikes, patterns, and demonstrate core taekwondo values such as respect and discipline, before advancing to the next belt level. We run all class belt levels each day, all year long, so you can register anytime.


• Junior Class

4 to 12 years old

• Teen/Adult Class

13 years old and up

• Family Class

All belt levels, all ages.
For this class, we use three on-site training gyms to
divide students in groups by age and skill level.

This is not your average cardio kickboxing class. Our Kickboxing class combines real taekwondo kicking techniques with real boxing techniques. This class is not just about burning calories. Don’t get me wrong, you will sweat in this high intensity class, but you will also learn real fighting skills. Invest your time in learning the real deal. You can try a class for free to see the difference.

Call us of fill out our contact form to book your free trial kickboxing class.

Beat after school boredom.

Our Recreational After School Program is just the thing. We provide transportation after school from school to our club, where we will teach taekwondo class and provide a light snack before you pick up at the end of your work day.

Our After School Recreational Program is convenient for parents and fun for kids.

We will pick-up your child from school and bring them to our club after the school day has ended. After they are checked in at our club, you will receive a text message notification confirming their arrival. Each day, they will participate in a taekwondo lesson and be given a snack. After class, there is free time to play in the gym or work on homework in our study room until you pick at the end of your work day. We provide shuttle service from most Richmond Hill Public, Catholic and Private elementary schools. All our vehicles are branded with our logo and insured for passenger pick-up under commercial bus insurance coverage.

Kids enrolled in our afterschool program receive the same high-quality taekwondo lesson

and learn the same martial arts curriculum we teach in our evening classes. That means kids enrolled in our afterschool program can work towards earning a black belt too. Now that’s time well spent after school.

We offer flexible enrolment options from 2 to 5 days a week.

As an added benefit, all afterschool program members can participate in our regular evening and weekend classes as well at no extra charge.

When schools out, we’ve got you covered.
Our day camp programs are fun filled days to keep kids happy and busy.

Our camp programs include Taekwondo class, fun games, crafts and field trips.
We run camp programs for Summer Break, Winter Break, March Break and on York Region School Board scheduled P.A. Days for ages 5 – 12 years old. For camp we you should bring a nut free lunch, snacks, water bottle, indoor shoes, an extra change of clothes and sunscreen.

See below for more information about the next scheduled camp.

Bring the party to the next level. We make birthday parties a blast. Our birthday party staff will entertain your kids with fun games, a mini taekwondo lesson, board breaking and bounce castle time.

Birthday party bookings include use of party room, gym, bounce castle and an instructor to lead the games with the kids.