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Taekwondo Class

Taekwondo is a great way to build confidence, strength and fitness. By learning the basics and working within your abilities you can build a solid foundation based on proper techniques as you advance. Our curriculum is broken down into smaller parts with a gradual progression, to take the frustration out of learning a new skill. In our curriculum you will learn kicking, punching, striking, blocking techniques, self-defense, nun chucks and patterns. Our high energy class drills are always changing so that you will not get bored and will want to keep coming to learn more.

Classes are scheduled by belt level, starting at white belt. As you learn the curriculum, you will advance through the belt levels through our Belt Promotional Testing System. This goal orientated keeps you motivated and ensures that you are always learning new skills. Each test requires the student to master specific skills from the curriculum and demonstrate core taekwondo values such as respect and discipline, before advancing to the next belt level.

The class types we offer are:

Tots Class - 4-6 years old

Junior Class - 7 to 12 years old;

Teen/Adult Class - 13 years old and up;

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